April 16, 2007

Hungry for Peace

Starting Monday, April 30th, and running through Friday, May 4th, UMD Students for Peace, and the CSS Amnesty International will be hosting a five day fast to raise awareness of the War in Iraq, are our country's need to end it!

We will be showing film screenings, having speakers, and various other activities. The schedule is not finalized yet, but we will have it done soon, so we'll update everyone.

Come out an check us out, even if you can't commit to fasting for the full five days, come out and pledge your support by fasting for a day, or even a meal.

We know you care about the 3,400 troops already dead, and the 500,000 Iraqis. Lets show everyone else that we want to end this useless bloodshed.

For more info email Erik Lund at lund1010@d.umn.edu

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