October 2, 2007

National Mobilization - Get on the Bus!

Spread the Word!

On OCTOBER 27, there will be a national mobilization of protests against the war in Iraq, spearheaded by United for Peace and Justice. The mobilization will consist of REGIONAL PROTESTS in 11 cities around the country. The MIDWEST regional protest will be held in CHICAGO. For more information, see www.oct27chicago.org.

Already so far, OVER 20 BUSES will be going to the Chicago protest from Wisconsin. The Northland Anti-War Coalition will be taking at least one bus from Duluth/Superior, while Peace North will likely also take a bus from the Ashland and/or Hayward area. The cost for these buses will be $50 per person; however, for those who make a commitment to go and cannot pay the full amount, there may be sponsorships available. The bus will leave at 5:00 AM on the 27th (Saturday) and return early on the 28th (Sunday), with no overnight stops.

IF YOU WANT TO GET ON THE BUS, LET US KNOW NOW! Send your name, address, phone number, and amount you can pay if not the full $50. In the Twin Ports and points south (including Rice Lake and Eau Claire), contact Carl Sack at northlandiguana@gmail.com. In the Chequamegon Bay and Hayward areas, contact Carol Hannah at carolh@cheqnet.net.

WE ALSO NEED DONATIONS! We have to pay for the buses in advance of the trip, which costs several thousand dollars. If you can't go but feel that mass protests for peace are important (and they are!), please consider sponsoring one or more bus riders. Send donations to the Northland Anti-War Coalition, P.O. Box 16853, Duluth, MN 55816.

See you on the bus!

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