January 27, 2008

NAWC Meeting Process

NAWC Meeting Process
(Adopted 1/13/08)

Meeting Roles

Required Roles: Facilitator, Note-taker, Vibes-Checker
Optional Roles: Stacker, Timekeeper

The Facilitator:

·Is chosen at the end of each meeting to serve for the following meeting
·Is responsible for compiling and distributing a tentative meeting agenda in the week prior to the meeting, and bringing printouts of the agenda to the meeting

The Note-taker:

·Is different from the facilitator
·Is chosen at the beginning of each meeting
·Is responsible for recording meeting minutes, including votes taken and tasks assigned, and distributing the minutes via e-mail

The Vibes-checker:

·Insures that discourse remains civil and the process rules are observed in the discussion

The Stacker:

·May be designated by the facilitator if the meeting is too large for the facilitator to keep track of everyone who wants to speak
·Takes stack, ie., records in what order people raised their hands to speak

The Timekeeper:

·May designatied by the facilitator to keep track of time if discussion is contentious and to tellthe group when the time limit for a topic of discussion has been reached
·The facilitator must enforce time limits or ask the group to approve an extension when the time for that topic expires.

Standing Agenda:

Each Meeting will address a standing agenda, which can be added to as needed:

1. Introductions
2. Identification of Note-taker and Vibes-checker
3. Call for additions to the agenda
4. Approve agenda (2/3rds vote needed)
5. Review previous meeting minutes (<1 minute)
6. Committee Reports
7. Other business
8. Other (added as necessary as meeting progresses)
9. Announcements
10. Choose next facilitator

Process for Action Proposals

1. Proposal is clearly stated by the facilitator
2. Clarifying questions (no statement for or against)
3. General discussion
4. Facilitator asks for concerns
5. a) Amend proposal to address concerns; or
b) Vote to table if more time or input is needed; or
c) Vote to approve proposal (2/3rds majority needed for approval)

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