October 15, 2008

Report on the Oct. NAWC Meeting

Attendance: Ralph S., Joan N., Gary S., Michael, Scott B., Bob K., Ellie C., Andy A., Carl S., Peter K., Alex

Protest Report

Saturday's protest went well. Attendance was between 100-150, high energy, with a large proportion of youth in attendance. The only press seen was a reporter from the CSS newspaper. There was a bit of confusion for some over where to gather at the beginning. Minor concerns were raised over the partisanship of some speakers and some folks walking in the street due to lack of a protest policy announcement at the beginning and the relaxed guiding. There was some extended discussion over NAWC's policy toward illegal acts at protests, and it was decided to further the discussion at a separate dialogue event. There was some discussion also of trying to get events televised on public access, which Vets for Peace is a member of. They are currently looking for a video editor.

Winter Community Event

Joan brought forward an idea to hold a free community meal and educational discussion for people affected by the economy once per month in the winter. People interested in helping with this project can contact najbar.joan@gmail.com.

Martin Luther King Day Event

Scott reported that he has proposed holding a panel discussion or forum on Martin Luther King Jr.'s anti-war views and activities to the MLK Day Committee. It would be the Thursday or Friday before MLK Day and involve local churches, the colleges, and possibly high schools. It was voted for NAWC to support this effort.

MN-WI History "Face-Off"

Ellie raised the idea of holding a "cabaret" of reenactments of progressive and radical figures from Minnesota and Wisconsin history some time in the winter as a fun activity. If interested in working on this project, contact connolly.ellie@gmail.com or 728-1356.

December Anti-War Actions

The proposed December 13 anti-war protest is a march from the UMD Library to the Unitarian Church. Although some fliers were printed with this info, our use of the church hasn't been confirmed yet. Scott and Ellie agreed to check into the availability. Details of the rally were discussed. The theme is Fund Human Needs, Not War. For speakers, it was decided to try to get at least one person who faces or faced hardship due to medical bills and/or home foreclosure (Carl, Joan working on it), one from Chum or the Damiano (Peter), a labor speaker, and possibly others, to tie together the war and the economic crisis.

Treasurer's Report

$50 was given to last night's forum speaker for gas. It was voted to give $50 to Mike Solon as courtesy for use of his sound system, and donate $50 we made in profit from the St. Paul bus to Gary for the upcoming SOA trip. After these changes, not counting our unknown intake from yesterday's rally and donations from the mailbox waiting to be processed, NAWC has $650 in the bank.

Food Not Bombs Promo

Michael and Alex from Food Not Bombs gave an introduction to the organization. FNB is not a set organization but rather a loose collective that operates on several principles. It uses food that would otherwise be disposed of to create free, healthy meals. Anyone can help cook, and anyone can eat for free. All meals are vegan for both safety and ethical reasons. Duluth's Food Not Bombs began this summer and is currently serving weekly meals, Saturdays at 5 PM at Portland Square Park. They are in need of donations of both money and cookware (especially large pots). Yesterday's rally was the biggest gathering they have served so far, and they are happy to do future events for the peace/justice movement. They can be contacted at 728-4385 or fnbduluth@riseup.net.

WNPJ Report

Carl reported on attending the annual Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice Fall Assembly in Milwaukee last weekend. He is NAWC's official rep on the WNPJ Board. The event featured keynote speakers on private security and torture, as well as breakout sessions. The anti-war discussion included talk about legislation to bring home the National Guard, and preventing students' information from being given to recruiters as a result of them taking the ASVAB test. Both items were of interest to discuss during the next NAWC meeting.

Vets for Peace Float

The Vets for Peace Float was in the Applefest parade last weekend and got a very positive response from the crowds.


McCabe Renewal Center is sponsoring a weekend retreat for women impacted by war, November 21 and 22. Scholarships are available. Contact 724-5266 or mccabecenter@msn.com for details.

Socialist Action will host a forum on the economic crisis on Sunday, October 26, 2 PM at Chester Creek Cafe.

NAWC now meets monthly. The next meeting will be Sunday, November 9, 2 PM at the Unitarian Church Library.

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