November 12, 2008

Report on the November NAWC Meeting

NAWC Minutes – 11.09.2008

-Attendance: Carl S., Ellie C., Liz M., Margie N., Scott B., Adam R., Bob K., Coly W., Joan N., Peter K., Rolf S., Fern A., Tom S.

1. Finances: NAWC received $420 from its fall mailing and $127 from the collection can at the last protest.

2. Interstate Progressive Face-Off: It was decided to hold this event on the second Sunday in February at the Twin Ports Brewery. The event will be a social occasion where parts of speeches by famous Minnesota and Wisconsin progressives will be read by residents of each state. Those interested in helping to plan the event further should contact Ellie at

3. Iraq Moratorium: Adam reported that the October Iraq Moratorium picket at College and Woodland was a success, with 20 people and a high volume of passing traffic. The next picket will be November 21st at Pennell Park (Central Entrance and Arlington), 4:30-5:30 PM. New this month, there will also be a Superior Moratorium picket sponsored by Grandmothers for Peace, 4-6 PM at the corner of Belknap and Tower. It was decided to hold the December moratorium at the corner of Mesaba and Central (by the Coppertop Church).

4. December Week of Action: There will be a student walk-out at noon on December 10, with a march from UMD and Scholastica to the UU Church.

Saturday, December 13, there will be a regional anti-war protest, starting at noon, either starting from the Central Hillside Community Center and marching to St. Mark's AME Church, or vice-versa. Speakers we would like to include are: Ferris Keeling, an AFSME Council 5 rep, Mike Rogge, Mujtaba Alwan or another CSS speaker, and a UMD speaker. Joan Najbar will MC the rally.

We are encouraging member groups of NAWC to pick an evening during the week to hold an event, which we will compile into the week's publicity package. Anyone planning an event should e-mail Socialist Action will be holding a forum on CIA interventions on Wednesday. UMD Students for Peace will have a movie night sometime during the week.

5. Strategic Plan: Joan proposed having a day-long retreat and planning session for NAWC. The NAWC membership will be surveyed first; Joan N. agreed to bring survey questions to the next meeting. The planning retreat will include discussion of civil disobedience vs. legal action.

6. National Anti-War Report: Adam gave a report on the ongoing drama of the national anti-war coalitions. UFPJ has called for a week of actions around the 6th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, but nothing real specific. ANSWER has called for massive protests in a few cities on March 21, 2009 to mark the anniversary. The National Assembly is trying to work with all groups to bring together a unified action for March 21.

7. University for Seniors: Fern is helping to organize sessions with progressive speakers for University for Seniors, and is looking for representatives of local peace and justice groups to speak. The sessions are Mondays January-March at 1 PM at the Kirby Student Center.

8. Next Groups to Present: At each NAWC meeting we try to arrange to have one of the groups that is part of our coalition to come and give a brief presentation about themselves and their work. We decided to invite Students for Peace to present at our December meeting, and Veterans for Peace at our January meeting.

9. Israel Divestment Meeting: A new state-wide group is forming in Minnesota around the issue of boycotting Israel and demanding justice for Palestinians under constant occupation. Bob K. and Carl S. will be driving to an inaugural meeting in St. Paul this Saturday—contact rkosuth@hotmail. com if you'd like to come.

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