December 4, 2008

Forum on the CIA's 'Greatest Hits"


WHEN: Wednesday, December 10 @ 7pm
WHERE: Room 333 of the UMD Kirby Student Center in Duluth
SPEAKERS: Heather Bradford, Mike Rogge, Carl Sack & Adam Ritscher

WHAT: You're invited to a public forum on the history of the CIA. Does the world’s most prolific sponsor of brutal military coups have the right to call political dissidents “terrorists” or accuse other countries of “state-sponsored terrorism?” Millions have been tortured and killed as a direct result of U.S. intervention abroad through the CIA, usually in the name of “freedom” or “democracy,” but with the ultimate motive of enriching a tiny minority and creating a pro-corporate puppet regime. This forum will dish up a selection of CIA terror on several continents—and how to stop it.

SPONSORED BY: Lake Superior Socialist Action and UMD Students for Peace