February 18, 2009

Report on the February NAWC Meeting

Northland Anti-War Coalition Meeting Minutes, February 8, 2009
Minutes taken by Carl S.

Attending: Ellie, Peter K., Burt B., Scott B., Bob K., Adam R., Janice W.

Palestine events report
In the past few weeks two pickets were held against the invasion of Gaza. NAWC held a panel forum on Palestine on January 31 with 4 speakers and 20 in the audience. We also talked with Israeli human rights activist Smadar Lavie, who was passing through on the 31st but would like to come up to speak in March. It was decided to ask her to speak at the March 21 anti-war rally and a forum the evening of the 21st, with a second choice being a forum any other weekend day in March. Bob K. will contact her.

Palestine Statement

Bob K. drafted a statement for NAWC on Palestine. The statement was revised slightly, and it was decided to post the revised statement online for comment and vote on adopting it at next month's meeting. The statement will be forthcoming in a separate e-mail.

March 21 protest

In solidarity with national protests, on March 21 we will hold a march and rally, starting at noon at the Minnesota Power Plaza and marching to the civic center, with a rally in front of City Hall.

Having some kind of skit or street theater for the rally was discussed, possibly using Mary Plaster's puppets. There will be a meeting for anyone interested in working on putting together such a performance this Wednesday at 8:30 PM in the 3rd Street lobby of St. Mary's hospital.

Other speakers we would like for the rally include Brandon Clokey, Tony Cuneo or Jeff Anderson, Deb Taylor, and a St. Scholastica student to MC. Carl S. will look into musical possibilities. We also discussed having the march led by veterans and/or puppets.

Ads - Carl will look into ad costs at the Hillsider and Zenith City, and Carl and Bob will look into getting an interview or article in the Hillsider. $200 was authorized to spend on ads for the protest.

Health Care Not Warfare

Janice from Progressive Democrats of America presented PDA's Health Care Not Warfare campaign and asked people to urge Oberstar to sign onto the John Conyers health care bill. There is a national call-in day February 12.

Iraq Moratorium

It was decided to hold the next Iraq Moratorium at Mesaba Avenue and Central Entrace. It will take place 4:30 on February 20.

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