June 29, 2009

Honduran coup leaders trained at SOA/WHINSEC

by Twin Ports SOA Watch

School of the Americas Watch reports that several leaders of yesterday's military coup in Honduras were trained at the infamous US Army School of the Americas.

The coup was staged by the Honduran military on behalf of the country's ruling elite, in an attempt to derail a vote on a resolution to open a constitutional assembly. Honduras is run by an entrenched oligarchy, and the constitutional changes proposed by populist president Manuel Zelaya would have opened the Honduran democracy to it's poor majority. President Zelaya was forcibly removed from office and is now in exile in Costa Rica.

While there doesn't appear to be evidence of direct US involvement in the coup, and Secretary of State Clinton has called for Zelaya's reinstatement, the US government is indirectly complicit by training Latin American militaries to make war on their own people through the SOA and similar institutions.

Today the Honduran people are rising up against the coup leaders. Check out Honduras Indymedia, Narco News or Presente!, the SOA Watch magazine for more analysis and reports.

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