August 22, 2009

Local 99 solidarity picket report

On August 15, NAWC turned out 19 people to support our long-time ally Workers United Local 99 in their fight for fair working conditions at the Pickwick Restaurant in Duluth. Local 99 represents low-wage workers in the hospitality and restaurant industries, including the 85-year union at the Pickwick. The new Pickwick owner (Chris Wisocki) is trying to bust the union and even fired two long-time employees for union activity. Local 99 responded with informational pickets and a community boycott of the restaurant. The boycott is making a mark, but the battle isn't over.

A hearty Loaves & Fishes contingent turned out to the NAWC picket, as well as Vets for Peace. We sang some old labor songs (with Rachael Kilgour's help) and heard from CJ and Sandy, the two women who lost their jobs but still show up in front of the restaurant every day, rain or shine, to fight for their rights and the rights of other union workers.

The picket was a great show of solidarity and sure to strengthen the ties between our movements. Please consider dropping by the picket to show your support - every day but Sunday during lunch and dinner hours. Local 99 especially needs a big turnout on Saturday evenings from 5-8. Join them if you can!

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