September 22, 2009

SOA-trained Honduran military fires on democracy activists

By Twin Ports SOA Watch

photo: Honduras Indymedia

Yesterday, President Manuel Zelaya returned to Honduras, defying threats of arrest by the coup government that abducted him at gunpoint and forced him into exile in June. He is currently enjoying the protection of the Brazilian embassy. Upon hearing of Zelaya's return yesterday afternoon, thousands of democracy activists began gathering around the embassy to celebrate, defying a 4pm curfew imposed by the coup government.

Honduran media reports that the military and police have begun to violently disrupt the protests, firing tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd and making arbitrary arrests. This contempt for democracy should come as no surprise, as much of the Honduran military leadership was trained to make war on their own people at the US Army School of the Americas.

The Honduran resistance movement has called for a national strike, but worry that the coup government, knowing that its time is coming to an end, may lash out with brutal violence. The coup government has already threatened to cancel the immunity of the Brazilian embassy, a move that could turn the Honduran crisis into a regional conflict. Read more to take action.

SOA Watch recommends that we call the State Department at 202-647-4000 and the White House comment line at 202-456-1111 to deliver the following message: "Work for the unconditional immediate reinstatement of President Zelaya, demand that the Honduran military doesn't move against the people and their democratically elected president, Mel Zelaya and ensure that the coup plotters will be held responsible for their actions. Any bloodshed will be on the hands of the coup government and security forces."

Stay posted to NarcoNews for English-language updates from the resistance.

And please consider traveling with Twin Ports SOA Watch to Georgia this November 20-22 for a mass mobilization against the SOA/WHINSEC. Contact us at soawtwinports[at]riseup[dot]net or call Joel at 218-340-4356 for details.

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Joel Kilgour said...

Representative Oberstar is an original co-sponsor of HRes 630, condemning the coup and calling for the immediate reinstatement of Zelaya!