October 1, 2009

October 5 Candlelight March and Vigil

October marks 8 years since the invasion of Afghanistan. 8 years of airstrikes and rising death tolls; 8 years of waiting for reconstruction and economic development assistance; 8 years and more than $200 billion of US tax dollars squandered on armed conflict.

Please join NAWC as we solemnly take stock of these losses and keep the pressure on to bring troops home now. The Obama Administration is thinking of escalating the conflict with tens of thousands more troops. As an anti-war movement, we have a narrow window of opportunity to influence the debate - it's time to get back on the street.

Monday, October 5
7 pm Candlelight march and vigil to end the war
Gather at the US Army Reserve at 1500 St Louis Avenue on Park Point in Duluth. Candles provided, consider wearing black or a black armband

8 pm Celebration of war resistance at Amazing Grace
Join CSS Amnesty International and Truth in Recruiting as we honor war resistance, past and present. Sing along to anti-war tunes with Rachael Kilgour (feel free to bring an instrument and a Rise Up Singing!); sign cards to US soldiers serving jail time for refusing to fight; and get to know your fellow activists.

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