October 15, 2009

Report on the Oct. NAWC Meeting

Minutes of 10/11/09 Meeting of the Northland Anti War Coalition

1) Attendance: Joel K, chair for the day; Gary S; Ron M; Ellie C; Dan M; Adam R; Carl S; & Peter K, recorder for the day.

2) Afghan 8th anniversary candle light vigil was held on 10/5. A very nice nite for 40 people who gathered at the Nat'l Guard base on Park Point & proceeded to Amazing Grace. Thank-you Ellie for the candles & Andy for the Vets for Peace float.

3) October 17 March & Rally -
meet at Noon at the Clayton, Jackson, McGhie Memorial on 1st St for a hike down to Superior Street & back up to the Federal Building courtyard.

We'll have musical performers & speakers from a variety of perspectives on the topic of how resources could be used better for human needs rather than warfare.

4) November meeting will be on 11/8 at the Unitarian Church in Duluth. The meeting will focus solely on "How to Frame the Anti-War Message" and will be moderated by Donna Howard. This will provide a chance for NAWC to step back & evaluate where to from here.

5) CSS Refugee camp is under way this week on the grounds of St Scholastica. Students are spending the nites in tents to demonstrate solidarity with refugee situations around the world. Stop by to offer support as the nites are going to be cold!

6) UMD Students for Peace are planning an art oriented event for peace in the Spring.

7) Financial issues: Check book responsibility will be transferred to Carl from Peter.

We continue to be on the plus side of the ledger but have been putting quite a bit of effort (& funds) into promoting the upcoming rally as well as other activities so we will need to ask clearly for donations at the rally as well as send out a fund raising letter this winter.

8) Announcements-

A) Carl - National Protest on 3/20/10 in San Fran, L.A. & Wash DC. We will consider sending a bus to one of these & /or holding a local rally at that time.

B) Gary - Vets for Peace had a very good evening on 9/23 with Adam Schesch, A PhD field researcher on the topics of recent wars of revolution & resistance.

C) Carl - Acitvist Summit re: Palestine 11/21 from 9AM to 4 PM at the Duluth Freinds Mtg- Break the Bonds Coaliton members will be in Duluth at the Friends Mtg House to discuss a divestment campaign. NAWC voted to endorse this summit.

D) Ellie - Jubilee House - Center for Development in Central America - (Nicaragua) will host a presentation / dialogue & craft sale @ 7PM on Weds 10/21 @ Peace Church.

E) Bike ride w/ Mayor Don Ness & Jack Nelson Pallmeyer on 10/24 for International Day of Climate Action - 3:00 gather behind the DECC to ride thru Canal Park to Amazing Grace for a 4:00 PM teach-in 350twinports@ gmail.com or 340-4356

F) SOA watch is organizing vans to the School of Americas protests in Columbus Georgia. Leaving 11/19 Contact Joel K jrkilgour@yahoo.com

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