November 4, 2009

Vigil and Direct Action to close the SOA/WHINSEC

by Twin Ports SOA Watch

What do the coup plotters in Honduras, death squads in Colombia, and union-busting security forces in Mexico have in common? They were all trained on the US taxpayers' dime at the School of the Americas/WHINSEC in Ft Benning, Georgia.

It would be difficult for us, with our training, to have a relationship with a leftist government. That’s impossible.
SOA grad and Honduran Army Attorney Col. Herberth Inestroza,
justifying the military coup to the Miami Herald

Over the weekend of November 21-22, tens of thousands of people will converge at Ft Benning to say no to the SOA/WHINSEC and the repressive foreign policy it represents. We are closer than ever to passing legislation in Congress to close and investigate the school, and a strong showing at this protest is critical.

Our neck of the woods has always been well-represented at SOA protests, and this year will be no different. If you can join us, please do. If you can't, consider making a donation to offset costs for those who can.

photo: Honduran general and SOA graduate Romeo Vásquez Velásquez, leader of the military coup that toppled democratically-elected President Manuel Zelaya).

RIDES to the Protest

* Students and staff at UMD and LSC ONLY, contact Steve at wickx079(at)d(dot)umn(dot)edu or 612-501-0269. Cars depart Friday a.m. and return Monday evening. Thanks to the Duluth Central Labor Body, travel and housing expenses per person will be minimal.

* Students and staff at St Scholastica ONLY, contact Signey at SOlson7(at)css(dot)edu. School vans depart Thursday and Friday, and return Monday evening. Only $20/person for travel and housing, thanks to support from Student Senate.

* Other members of the community, contact Joel at soawtwinports(at)riseup(dot)net or 218-340-4356 for carpool info.


A big thanks to the Duluth Central Labor Body and CSS Student Senate for generously sponsoring student travel to the protest!

But please consider pitching in a few dollars to help defray travel expenses for other northlanders - they are spending a lot of time on the road and taking time off work to represent us in Georgia! Checks can be made out to Veterans for Peace, earmarked "SOAW", and sent to:

Veterans for Peace
c/o Andy Anderson
16 E St Andrews St
Duluth, MN 55803

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