December 17, 2009

Anti-war protesters gather in Superior

By Rich Kremer, 91.3 KUWS
December 17, 2009

Despite freezing temperatures, about 20 demonstrators gathered outside Congressman Dave Obey’s office in Superior today.

Holding signs saying “Healthcare not Warfare” and “End War Now” members of the Progressive Democrats of America picketed along Tower Avenue, outside of Obey’s office. But this wasn’t your typical protest. It was more of a show of support since Obey is opposed to President Obama’s troop escalation in Afghanistan. Progressive Democrats spokesman Steve Carlson of Trego says the Democratic congressman has gone out on a limb on this issue and they’re out to help.

“We really wanted to come out here today primarily to get out the message of healthcare not warfare, to support Obey’s stance on this and to just tell him that we’re with you, we got your back on and keep it up.”

Carlson says Obey’s Share the Sacrifice, war tax is a step in the right direction but he doesn’t think it will pass.

“So what we’re going to need him to do is take it up to the next step and say no to war funding. Congress has the power to make war not the president of the United States.”

Jan Provost of Superior’s Grandmothers for Peace says money for the conflict in Afghanistan should be spent on health care and creating jobs.

“People are suffering in this country. We’re spending all that money on war and it’s just ridiculous, so that’s why we’re here. And it’s kind of a cold day for old ladies to be out but we’re committed.”

Sybela Yarish of Rice Lake has lived in Afghanistan. She says Afghan fighters have crushed empires before so the only winner in this war is the military industrial complex.

“It’s about money. It’s not about anything else but money and I don’t understand Obama with all his promises, why he’s chosen to hook up with that bunch of bandits.”

Obey is on record saying he would feel better if the U.S. begins to withdraw troops in 18 months but without better support from Pakistan and Afghanistan he doesn’t see that happening.

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