December 1, 2009

Protest the Afghan War Escalation

Judging by the steady leaks coming from the White House, tonight President Obama is going to be announcing a massive escalation of the unjust U.S. war on Afghanistan. Nationally, the anti-war movement is coming together to oppose this. The three main national anti-war groups (the National Assembly, ANSWER and United for Peace & Justice) have all come out for local actions to show that we do not approve of Obama's decision. Dozens of cities and towns have answered that call.

Here in the Twin Ports there is going to be a peace protest on Wednesday (Dec. 2) at 12:15 at the corner of Lake Ave. & Superior Street in downtown Duluth. This protest is being spearheaded by Women in Black, but all groups and activists are welcome.

I urge all of you to stand up for peace, and show that we are not for Obama's troop surge. Bring ALL the Troops Home Now!

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