March 21, 2010

$33 billion more for war? Don't let it happen!

On or around tax day, Congress will debate yet another "emergency" supplemental appropriation for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That's $33 billion in back-door funding on top of a record-breaking $708 billion general budget for the Department of Defense in 2011. If you include non-DoD military programs and interest on war debt, US military spending could hit $1.4 trillion next year -- half of the discretionary budget.

The consequences of endless war are all around us: bankrupt local governments, pared down public services, and decaying infrastructure. In the past decade, our national war addiction has cost more than Bush's tax cuts and corporate bailouts COMBINED.

Last year's war supplemental was nearly defeated in Congress -- that is, until the White House pressured Jim Oberstar and other anti-war Democrats to flip their votes. Let's make sure this doesn't happen again. Please contact your representative TODAY. Remind her that a bloated war budget takes money away from public infrastructure, health care, education and job creation. Ask her to go on record opposing any new war supplemental.

Representative James Oberstar (CD8)
(218) 727-7474

Senator Al Franken
(218) 722-2390

Senator Amy Klobuchar

Representative Dave Obey (CD7)
(715) 398-4426

Senator Herb Kohl

Senator Russ Feingold

After you've made the call, hit the streets! NAWC will be holding weekly "Jobs not War" pickets at the Duluth Federal Building every Wednesday from now until tax day. Join us on March 24, March 31, April 7, or April 14 from noon to 1pm. Or, if you live in Wisconsin, join Peace North at a "Healthcare not Warfare" vigil in front of Congressman Obey's office (1401 Tower Ave, Superior) on April 21, 12 noon to 1pm.

And mark your calendars now for NAWC's Tax Day march and rally. It starts at 4:30pm on Thursday, April 15 at Lake Ave and Superior St in Duluth. The theme is "Bring Our War Dollars Home," and will feature FBI whistle-blower and 2002 Time magazine Person of the Year Coleen Rowley.

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