April 9, 2010

Franken needs to hear from you!

Yesterday, 50 "Minnesotans for Peace" visited the St Paul offices of Senator Al Franken to ask him to vote NO on the new war supplemental. Franken's staff were courteous, and Franken himself called to speak with the activists. But his answer was disheartening: he supports the escalation of war in Afghanistan and Pakistan and plans to vote YES on the supplemental.

In the end, 6 people were arrested for peacefully refusing to leave his office, including Vicki Andrews of Grand Rapids.

"The common people," reflects Coleen Rowley after the meeting, "seem to be the only ones who remember Vietnam and know the awful truth of being in an 'unwinnable' quagmire."

But we don't have to give up. With a little people power, we can get our representatives on the right track and defeat this war bill. In the coming week, please take a moment to call the offices of your representative and senators. Be polite, and ask the person answering the phone to send a message to their boss to vote NO on the $33 billion war supplemental. Remind them:

--- $708 billion of our tax dollars are already going to the Pentagon in 2011. This is more than enough to keep our nation safe;

--- On the campaign trail, Obama pledged to end the practice of "back-door" war funding. After Congress passed his 2009 back-door war funding package, Obama swore it would be his last. Congress should hold him to it;

--- Our communities and families are suffering the effects of budget cuts and joblessness. We need this money at home, not buried in endless wars.

Representative James Oberstar (CD8)
(218) 727-7474

Senator Al Franken
(218) 722-2390

Senator Amy Klobuchar

Representative Dave Obey (CD7)
(715) 398-4426

Senator Herb Kohl

Senator Russ Feingold

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