September 16, 2010

Charges against 3 of RNC8 dropped!

Left to right:

Great news today from St Paul via Friends of the RNC8:

The RNC 8 received some surprising news Thursday afternoon - charges against Luce Guillen-Givins, Monica Bicking and Eryn Trimmer have been dropped!

The fact that charges have been dismissed against these three members of what Ramsey County has for two years labeled a “criminal enterprise” exposes the political motivations behind this case. Although today’s news is an amazing development, charges against four of the eight defendants still remain and must continue to be fought with renewed strength.

Thanks to everyone who has struggled alongside the 8 and the RNC 8 Defense Committee to help get these charges dropped - and please join us as we continue to seek justice for Max, Rob, Garrett and Nathanael. We’ll post more information and analysis on this development soon - stay tuned.

Still, one person facing prosecution for the "crime" of feeding and housing activists is one too many. By moving forward with the case, Ramsey County is keeping all political organizers in in its sights.

Trial for the four remaining defendants begins October 25. Mark your calendar and consider making the trip to St Paul to show some Northland solidarity. Carpool details coming soon.

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