January 20, 2011

Report-back from the SOA protest

by Twin Ports SOA Watch

(see earlier post for photos from the protest) 

10,000 people took part in this year's SOA protest
Bringing the Vigil Home:
Report from the School of the Americas protest

Thursday, January 27
7 PM

Holy Assumption Church
5601 Tower Ave, Superior
(past the fairgrounds)

Since 1946, the US Army's School of the Americas has trained
Latin American troops to torture and make war on their own people. And for more than two decades, Twin Ports-area activists and legislators have been at the forefront of efforts to close it.

Please join us for a report from the most recent protest and learn how you can get involved in the movement to close the SOA and transform US policy in the Americas.

  • - Music with Rachael Kilgour
  • - Report and photos from the SOA protest at Ft Benning, GA
  • - Eyewitness account of US military violence in Colombia from Linda Riddle
  • - Student organizer Flo Matamoros on coming of age as an activist in post-war El Salvador
  • - Former prisoner of conscience Rev. Brooks Anderson on the local SOA Watch movement
  • - Petition forms, handouts and other action tools to help put pressure on our new Congressmen
All are welcome. Spanish interpretation available upon request.
For more information or rides from Duluth,
contact soawtwinports(at)riseup(dot)net or call Joel at 218-340-4356 

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