March 7, 2011

Tell Congress: Close the SOA!

by Twin Ports SOA Watch

If the federal budget is out of balance, why are we paying to train Latin American soldiers to make war on their own people? That's what Twin Ports-area students will be asking members of Congress when they travel to DC in April to take part in SOA Watch lobby days.

The School of the Americas, now officially known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), has graduated the worst human rights abusers and despots in our hemisphere. Our former representatives Jim Oberstar (MN-8) and Dave Obey (WI-7) were among the strongest congressional critics of the SOA/WHINSEC and worked for decades to close it down.

Now we need to make sure our new Congressmen get it right.

We need your help!

1. Donate air miles or money to help UMD and CSS students take part in lobby days. If you can donate miles, contact Margie at mnelson{at}css{dot}edu. Checks can be made out to "CJL at CSS" and mailed to:

Center for Just Living
attn: Jay Newcomb
1200 Kenwood Avenue
Duluth, MN 55811

2. Collect signatures! You can print out petition forms for Duffy here and Cravaack here.

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