June 22, 2014

Presbyterian Church Votes to Divest

I am overjoyed to report that just moments ago, the Presbyterian Church (USA) just voted to divest $21 million from Hewlett-Packard, Motorola Solutions, and Caterpillar – three companies whose profits from the ongoing Israeli occupation have been extensively documented.

This is an unbelievably fantastic - and brave -  decision, grounded in the Presbyterians' deep sense of justice and commitment to human rights.

And, having been here for the last week with our huge team of interfaith partners, I can guarantee you that the backlash is going to be intense.

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 so we can make sure the entire church also sees how many people support their courageous work to align their investments and values.

The Presbyterians should be commended in particular for crafting a unique path combining divestment with positive investment, and a commitment to seek reconciliation.
It's a powerful model for how any and every community can take on the profoundly important work of looking inward to align their values and actions.
This decision will have real consequences, sending a message to Palestinians that their human rights matter. And it puts corporations and the Israeli government on notice that the occupation is both morally and economically untenable.

This vote also shows how attempts by Jewish institution to forestall principled actions by using accusations of anti-semitism are losing power. Make no mistake - the opposition did everything they could to stop this resolution.

But you should be extremely proud of what JVP contributed to this effort. Our rabbis, young members and chapter leaders worked their hearts out - on the ground here in Detroit and all over the country. I have never been more amazed by what our community can accomplish, or the thoughtfulness which with we make change happen.

We can only hope that as this movement for justice grows, all those who want to see real peace and justice for Palestinians and Israelis will join us and cherished allies like the Presbyterian Church (USA) to take concrete action to change policy. 

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 - our courageous partners have thoroughly earned it.

Yasher Koach Presbyterians! 

Rabbi Alissa Wise
Co-Director of Organizing
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