February 22, 2007

Duluth City Council Anti-War Resolution

On Monday 2/26 the Duluth City Council will be considering a support the troops and bring them home resolution sponsored by Councilor Russ Stewart. At this time we hope that there will be enough support among the other councilors for this to pass; But we can't take this for granted; You can be sure that they are getting plenty of pressure from those opposed to such a resolution as well.

Please do all you can to support passage of this resolution. Some options include:

1) There will be a rally prior to the council meeting at 6:30 PM in front of City Hall main entrance on Monday 2/26. Please try to make this rally, and spread the word!

2) Council meeting starts at 7:00 on 2/26. Attend the meeting and, if so moved, sign up for a 3 minute speaking spot during the meeting.

3) Continue to e-mail or call your council members. For contact info see the City of Duluth web pages @ www.ci.duluth. mn.us

Thank-you from the Northland Anti-War Coalition,
Peter Krause

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