February 13, 2007

Report on the Feb. 12 Duluth City Council Meeting

The Northland Anti-War Coalition had a presence at tonight’s Duluth City Council meeting in support of Councilor Russ Stewart’s proposed resolution calling for all reasonable steps to put an end to Minnesota National Guard deployments in Iraq. Those who spoke in support of Russ’s resolution were Ron Miller, Daniel Fanning, Andy Anderson, and Barb Olson, who delivered over four hundred petitions signatures in support of the resolution to the council.

It is our expectation that either Russ’s resolution or a modified resolution calling for all U.S. troops to be brought home from Iraq will be on the agenda at the February 26th meeting—two weeks from tonight. There appears to be some significant movement in favor of passing some sort of anti-war resolution.

[the above report was written by Joel Sipress]

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