February 23, 2008

Report on the Feb. 10 NAWC Meeting


-Attendance: Peter, Jill, David, Joel, Adam, Suzanne, Zack, Kathy, Andy, Gary
-Meeting Chair: Peter K.



-Financial Committee: The financial committee is looking to send out a fundraising letter before mid-March that would ask for donations, announce the 5th anniversary protests NAWC is going to be holding, and containing information about how to participate in a silent auction that we'll be holding during the 5th anniversary protest. The silent auction will take place during the potluck at Trepanier Hall on March 21. Anyone can donate goods for sale, but will have to pick them up afterwards if they don't sell. More info to come. The committee also wants to send a share of funds to the Iraq Moratorium Project.

-Outreach Committee: The outreach committee reviewed the press work it had done on behalf of the Iraq Veterans Against War teach-ins, and its plans for getting more timely announcements in the local alternative and neighborhood papers.

-Vision Committee: nothing to report.

-Process Committee: nothing to report.

3. IRAQ VETERAN TEACH-INS: The Iraq Veterans Against War teach-ins will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 13 at noon in RSC 111 at UWS, at 3:30pm in the Center for Just Living at CSS, and at 7pm in Life Science 175 at UMD. We arranged interviews for Daniel Fanning to plug the event on local radio stations, send out press releases to local press and have put up a ton of flier [regular sized and oversized].

4. 5TH ANNIVERSARY PROTEST: NAWC will commemorate the 5th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq by holding a one hour peace vigil & press conference at the Duluth Civic Center at noon on Wednesday, March 19. The main event though will be on Friday, March 21. The event will start with a march from the MN Power Plaza at 5:30pm, which will go to the YWCA Trepanier Hall. There, at 6:15pm we'll hold an indoor rally, followed by a potluck, silent auction and mini-film fest that'll last until 10 or 11pm.

5. MELANIE MCPHERSON: Melanie is a Tofte, MN Army Reservist who is refusing to go to Iraq and has served six months in jail for it. She will be speaking on March 25 at 7pm at the UMD Kirby Ballroom. NAWC voted to co-sponsor this event.

6. TRUTH IN RECRUITING PROPOSAL: Joel reported that Truth in Recruiting is looking to put together a spring counter-recruitment campaign, and would like NAWC's participation. Joel will bring back more specific proposals for this at future meetings for NAWC to vote on.

7. COURT REPORT: Back on Sept. 21 during NAWC's Strike for Peace day of action a group of local protesters were arrested for trespassing when they attempted to enter the Federal Building and go up to Congressman Oberstar's office. The court date for those arrested happened this past month. All charges were dropped against the protesters.

8. NEWSLETTER: Kathy reported on a new local progressive newsletter that she and an ad hoc group of other activists are looking to start publishing that will be aimed at the general public and will contain basic facts and commentary about the war and other social issues.

9. SAMMI RASOULI: David reported that Sammie Rasouli from the Muslim Peacemakers Team will be in the area on April 3-4 and will possibly be available for a Duluth event. Peter suggested holding an event with Sammi, Michelle Naar-Obed (who may be back from Iraq by then), and an Iraqi high school exchange student living in the area. This will be discussed more at future meetings.


-Socialist Action will be holding forums on "Love in the Age of Capitalism" on Sunday, Feb. 10 @ 7pm at UWS RSC 21 and on Sunday, Feb. 24 @ 7pm at Chester Creek Cafe.

-Check out the Buffalo Field Campaign at http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/ for info on the fight to keep buffalo at Yellowstone from being slaughtered.
-Process Committee:

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, February 24 at 2pm at the Chester Creek Cafe in Duluth. Adam R. will be the meeting chair. Send agenda items to him at mnsocialist@yahoo.com.

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