July 16, 2008

Report on the July 13 NAWC meeting

Northland Anti War Coalition meeting minutes from 7/13/08

Meeting was held @ Andy & Kathy Anderson's home as our new meeting place was not available. The next meeting will be at 1406 E 2nd St on Sunday 7/27 @ 2PM. Attendance - Scot B; Andy & Kathy A; Adam R & Peter K.

There are many events & projects being worked on both by NAWC affiliates & by NAWC in association with affiliate groups. Please consider participating & helping out with any that fit for you.

1) The Duluth Air Show will be flying into town this week-end (7/19 & 7/20). Greg S from Loaves & Fishes will be the contact person for anyone who would like to help with being at a greeting station to share food & dialogue with Air Show attendees. Contact Greg at 724-2054 for more info or to become involved.

2) Iraq Moratorium Vigil which is held the 3rd Friday of each month will be at London Road & 21st Ave East this Friday, 7/18 from 4:30 to 5:30. Signs will be available or bring your own.

3) Walk & Rally for the Lake - clean up & protect Lake Superior ie: get the barrels out. This Sunday 7/20 10AM gather at Brighton Beach for a walk at 11AM to Lief Erickson Park, arriving there at 2:00 for a rally & music. Contact Nukewatch @ 715-472-4185 or Loaves & Fishes at 728-0629.

4) Sister City of Duluth program has been approached by Michelle N-O and a working group is being formed to look into establishing a relationship with the city of Rania, Iraq.

5) Days of Remembrance 8/6 to 8/9 Understanding the Costs of War. Is an event that is being planned by a working group of NAWC members, affiliates & community members. The next planning meeting for this will be Monday 7/21 @ 7PM @ Chester Creek Cafe.

The tentative plan calls for:
-8/5 a news conference announcing & outling the following events;
-8/6 A Day of Silence - various groups to carry out individual acts to commemorate the bombing of Hiroshima on that day in 1945;
-8/7 A Community Conversation on War - Panelists & small group discussion at Unitarian Universalist Congregation Bldg;
-8/8 Film and discussion "Why We Fight";
-8/9 Day of prayer & remembrance to commemorate the bombing of Nagasaki on that day in 1945.

6) Bus to the Republican National Convention on Monday, Sept 1 to participate in the peaceful protest that is being organized by The Coalition to Stop the War and March on the RNC. A bus has been reserved and with the current march schedule of 12 to 2 we will gather at Peace Church @ 8AM where day long parking will be available. The bus will leave at 8:30 AM and return that same day. The cost of the bus will be $30 to $35. We need to have people sign up for the bus as soon as possible so we can know that it can be filled. Contact Andy Anderson or Peter Krause babylon2911@yahoo.com Contact has been made with the Coalition planning this march and assurance has been made that this march will be peaceful and in accord with the principles of non-violence. And that there is a formal agreement that there will be a clear separation geographically from other groups with other possible plans. Internal dialogue will continue on this matter to address any further & ongoing concerns. For further info on the march see marchonrnc.org

7) The "National Assembly to End the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars & Occupations" was reported on by Adam who attended with some other members & Steve C of Peace North. This conference was held in Cleveland on 6/28 & 6/29 for the purpose of bringing together local & national anti-war groups from across the country to coordinate planning and reduce turf defensiveness. A future schedule of events was suggested by this body for local groups to plug into & NAWC will consider organizing in concert with them. This schedule will include:

-10/11 Pre-election time period & recognition of the invasion anniversary of Congressional approval for the war.

-12/9 to 12/14 A week of nationally coordinated - locally planned actions.

-Building toward a large bi-coastal (& inland) event in the Spring of 2009.

*) Obviously there are lots of plans in the works & we could sure use more help in bringing them about. There will be a variety of opportunities to welcome your unique gifts & desires. The next NAWC meeting will be Sunday 7/27 @ 2PM at 1406 E 2nd St. And please read carefully for events & planning meetings to be occurring in the next few days (such as Monday 7/21 @ Chester Creek Cafe planning for the August event).

Respectfully submitted, Peter Krause 728-9395

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