August 17, 2008

Report on the Aug. 10 NAWC Meeting

Northland Anti-War Coalition
August 10, 2008 Meeting Notes

1. DAYS OF REMEMBRANCE: The week of actions to commemorate the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a success. The week of actions ran from Aug. 5-9. On Aug. 5 we held a press conference at the peace bell at Enger Tower. Mayor Ness issued a proclamation in support of Days of Remembrance. About 25 people attended the press conf. It was covered by TV Channel 10, the News-Tribune and KUWS. A dozen folks attended a remembrance service that night at Concordia Lutheran. On Aug. 6 Women in Black held a vigil in downtown Duluth, a silent vigil was held in front of the Army recruiting office, and 40 people attended the film showing of "White Night/Black Rain" at the Coppertop Church. On Aug. 7 about 35 people attended our "Cost of the War" forum at the Unitarian church. On Aug. 8 we showed the film "Why We Fight" to a crowd of about 30 people at the Friends Meeting House. And on Aug. 9 another 30 people attended a special ecumenical service at the Peace Church. Special thanks to Scot B., Peter K., Sue D. and everyone else who helped pull off this incredible series of events!

2. PRIDE FEST: It was decided that NAWC will spend $50 to table at Pride Fest at the end of the month. Adam R. will handle getting folks to staff the table.

3. NATIONAL ASSEMBLY: NAWC voted to endorse the Open Letter that the National Assembly to End the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars & Occupation is circulating. The Open Letter calls for unity in the national peace movement. The text of it is posted on our blog. It was also voted to have Adam R. serve as NAWC's representative to the National Assembly.

4. FALL PROTESTS: We voted to endorse the two fall dates that the National Assembly has proposed, Oct. 11 and Dec. 9-14. We're going to hold a march and rally in Duluth on Saturday, Oct. 11. We'll be assembling at noon at the Leif Erickson Park, and then marching to the MN Power Plaza. For the Dec. 9-14 week of action we voted to hold a march and rally on Saturday, Dec. 13 at a location to be announced. We'll be asking other groups to host events on the other days of that week, and will begin talking to other activists about holding a possible student walkout on Dec. 10 [International Human Rights Day].

5. NAWC MEETINGS: We decided that from now on NAWC's planning meetings will be on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month at 2pm at the East Hillside Neighborhood Center's [1406 E. 2nd St.] basement meeting room. Carl S. will be responsible for making the necessary arrangements.

6. RNC BUS: We held an Anti-Republican National Convention Protest Info Night at the Peace Church that drew 40 people. NAWC is sending a bus down to St. Paul for the protest on Sept. 1. Seats cost $35 a piece, though we do have some scholarships for those who need them. So far the bus is only half full, so there are still seats available. The bus will be leaving from the parking lot of Duluth's UCC Peace Church [11th Ave. E. & 11th St. E.] at 8am - and will be returning later that evening. Reserve your place on the bus by replying to or call Peter K. at 728-9395.

7. IRAQ MORATORIUM: The August Iraq Moratorium picket will be on Aug. 15 at 4:30pm in Canal Park in front of the DeWitt Seitz Building. The Sept. Iraq Moratorium will be on Sept. 19 at 4:30pm at Memorial Park on Grand Ave. in West Duluth.


-Andy A. & Gary S. announced that the Veterans for Peace float will be taking part in the Hoghead Days parade in Proctor on Aug. 16 at noon.

-Carl S. & Adam R. announced that there will be a report back meeting on the Pastors for Peace humanitarian aid caravan to Cuba. The report back will be on Monday, Aug. 18 at 7pm at the Lafayette Community Center in Park Point. The event is organized by the Twin Ports Cuba Solidarity Committee.

-Ron M. announced that Ron Paul and his supporters will be holding a counter-convention in St. Paul at the same time at the main Republican convention.


-Attendance: Carl S., Ron M., Peter K., Gary S., Scot B., Andy A., Adam R.
-Notes taken by Adam R.

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