September 7, 2008

Notes from the Aug. 24 NAWC Meeting

Northland Anti-War Coalition Meeting Notes

1. RNC PROTEST: NAWC is sending a bus to St. Paul for the anti-Republican Convention protest that'll be taking place on Labor Day. Peter Krause is the point person for this. Carl will make up a quarter sheet flier to give to folks who ride the bus with info about our upcoming Oct. 11 protest, NAWC meetings, etc.

2. OUTREACH: We talked about some outreach projects that NAWC can do for the fall. One outreach project we voted to do is to invite one of the organizations part of our coalition to give a brief presentation about themselves at the end of each NAWC meeting. Scot will arrange for the Network of Spiritual Progressives to give a presentation at our next meeting. Adam agreed to do a mailing to all of the organizations in NAWC to tell them about this new project, as well as to inform them about our upcoming Oct. 11 and Dec. 9-14 protests. We voted to re-organize our email lists, so that our mail list will be an announcement only list, and we'll set up a second list for those who want to be part of a discussion list. And finally, we voted to do a big fall mailing to the whole NAWC mailing list to plug the Oct. and Dec. protests. Adam will bring a draft letter and draft fliers for this fall meeting to the next meeting.

3. OCT. 11: NAWC is going to be hosting a protest against the war on Saturday, Oct. 11. We'll gather at noon at the Leif Erickson Park for a march to the MN Power Plaza. We discussed having some music at the Leif Erickson Park park for when folks arrive, and have 5 or so speakers at the MN Power Plaza. We set the goal of having all of our speakers be brand new folks who have never spoken before at a NAWC event. We also tentatively set as a theme something along the lines of "Missed Opportunites" and "Human Needs Not War".

4. NEXT MEETING: Sunday, Sept. 14, 2pm at the East Hillside Community Center [1406 E. 2nd St., Duluth].

*notes taken by Adam R.

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