January 8, 2009

Stop the Assualt on Gaza!

Stop the slaughter!

Israel has launched airstrikes and a ground invasion which has killed over 530 Palestinians in Gaza so far, many of them civilians. Gaza has been blockaded for months, treated like a giant open-air prison or Ghetto by Israel, leading to a deteriorating human rights situation even before the bombs began raining down from Israeli war planes last week. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to block U.N. resolutions condemning the violence and calling for a ceasefire.

Let your leaders hear you! Let Gaza Live! Ceasefire now!

In solidarity with the worldwide protests--
Rally/picket at Minnesota Power Plaza, Saturday, January 10, 12 NOON.

This protest is being called by an ad-hoc group of concerned Twin Ports citizens. Contact (715) 398-6554 for more info.

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Bret said...

See this great video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlfhoU66s4Y&eurl=http://www.robertbibeau.ca/palestine.html