January 17, 2009

Upcoming Film: "From Duluth to Balad"

In the past four years, Duluth's 148th Fighter Wing has deployed to Iraq three times, and faced a looming threat of grounding. For an Air National Guard unit traditionally associated with an air defense mission, this is a shocking change. "from Duluth to Balad" considers the military, moral, and political realities of Duluth's support for the Air Guard.

Check back soon for a listing of local showings of this new film by Michael Latsch!

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Justin said...

I just don't understand this, My family donates to Loaves and Fishes, and to be insulted like this. Does anybody think anymore about what they are going to say, before they say it anymore? What obout the service men and women. Are we to asume there are gun toting hate mongers looking to kill people. It seems this it the vial you are spouting. very confused? isn't this right givin to you by the USA and defended by them with their blood if need be?