December 8, 2009

March against the wars Thursday in Duluth!

Tell Obama: You've got your peace prize, now earn it!
NO escalation in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Colombia! Troops home now!
Thursday, December 10 at 4:30 PM
Meet up at the Minnesota Power Plaza in downtown Duluth
(Lake Ave and Superior St, next to the Christmas tree).

Even as he prepares for his Nobel Peace ceremony, President Obama is moving swiftly to escalate the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, okaying both a troop build-up and more deadly drone attacks. Barely noticed but equally alarming are his plans to station hundreds of US troops on the other side of the globe in Colombia - propping up a human rights-abusing regime and heightening chances for a regional conflict.

Student activists at UMD, CSS and LSC have called for an emergency march on Thursday - the day Obama receives his Nobel Peace Prize - to protest these war policies and let the community know that the anti-war movement is alive and well! Bring drums/buckets to help us make some noise, bring reflective gear and lights to keep safe, and bring friends! There won't be any speakers, but a NO BULL PRIZE guerrilla theater along the way. And be prepared to take it to the streets.

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