December 10, 2009

Hey Obama, Yes We Can; Troops Out of Afghanistan!

Student activists from UMD and CSS were joined by a handful of community members on Thursday in an emergency anti-war march/traffic slow-down at the Lake and Superior intersection in downtown Duluth. The protest was called in response to Obama's reception of the Nobel Peace Prize even as he escalates the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan and threatens to destabilize South America by stationing hundreds of troops in Colombia.

Despite the frigid weather, the crowd kept up their spirits with chants and drumming, circling the intersection for 45 minutes before marching to Canal Park. Channels 3 and 6 covered the protest on their evening newscasts. Keep reading for more pics courtesy Emily Flesch.

In a dramatic re-enactment of Obama's peace prize ceremony, the new Nobel Laureate walked over a human red carpet representing those who have died in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Colombia and Honduras because of his Administration's policies.

Traffic wasn't stopped, but it was forced to slow down as students circled the intersection in two groups, interrupting business as usual and challenging public apathy toward Obama's wars.

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