December 13, 2010

December 6 NAWC meeting notes

Held at the Unitarian-Universalist Congregation, 13 members in attendance

State repression forums
MLK weekend/Iraq war 20th anniversary
Spring campus campaign
Decision-making and proposed steering committee

  • Twin Ports Break the Bonds is beginning a legislative campaign to divest state bonds from Israel. Next meeting: Monday, December 7th. Contact Bob rkosuth{at}hotmail{dot}com
  • January 2nd Socialist Action is hosting a Marxmas Party at 7pm, at Schraufnagel House in Superior. All are invited. Contact Adam wainosunrise{at}yahoo{dot}com
  • Twin Ports SOA Watch will be holding a community meeting and legislative campaign kick off on January 27 at 7pm at the Holy Assumption Church in Superior.
  • Citizens in Action , January 29th at UU church. Daylong training on how to talk to elected officials of all levels. Winona LaDuke will be the keynote speaker. Registration required, contact Scot B. earthmannow{at}gmail{dot}com
State repression forums:
Adam R. suggested having forums over the winter months. He will look into a panel discussion on Wiki Leaks in late January.
Joel K, Steve W, and the CSS activists will organize a forum on the FBI Raids in late Feburary inviting subpoenaed activists from the Twin Cities to attend.

MLK Weekend
-We will hold a fundraiser concert on January 14th or 15th for setting up the new website and email list. Goal is to raise $500. Adam will check with possible band. Joel K and Margie N will work on the concert.
-For the 20th anniversary of the first invasion of Iraq, it was agreed that we would have a large contingent in the MLK Day March with banners. March kicks off at 11am at the Washington Center.
-Anyone who is interested in helping to plan the MLK weekend events is invited to attend a planning meeting on December 21st at 5pm at the Central Hillside Community Center. The weekend kick off will be Saturday January 15th at 6pm at the UU Church with readings, soup and bread. For more info:

Militarization of our Community
-Michelle O. asked NAWC to endorse a three part series hosted by Pax Christi, Grandmothers for Peace and Veterans for Peace about militarization in our community. Members voted to endorse the following events:
- January 23 from 2-4pm in a TBA room at St. Scholastica showing the video of Dorothy Day – Don't Call Me a Saint
-Sunday February 20 from 2-4pm in a TBA room at St. Scholastica showing of Michael Latsch's video on the expansion of the 148th Air Base in Duluth followed by a panel discussion.
-Saturday March 26 from 7-9pm in Somers Hall at St. Scholastica a member of the DC Catholic Worker will be coming to speak about the militarization of communities on the east coast and how it can affect Duluth in the future.
A discussion of the future of the 148th Air Base in the future was agreed to be moved to next meeting's agenda.

Spring Rally-
-Colleen Rowley will be speaking in St. Scholastica's Peace and Justice lecture series on March 22nd, pm and to classes on Tues and Wed.
-UMD Students for Peace is tabling to support Bradley Manning the week of Jan 17th; holding a weekly film series Wednesdays through February; and hosting a Women in the Peace Movement forum on March 23rd at noon. More details tba.
--We agreed to host a city-wide rally on March 23rd at UMD at 4:30. Coleen Rowley will keynote, theme is money for education not war.

NAWC Restructuring-
-The following is the new structure agreed upon and voted into action at the meeting drafted by Margie N, Joel K, and Steve W

A steering committee of 5 members will be elected by the membership. We will be looking for gender equity. Nominations will be taken until January.
Steering Committee Responsibilities:
-Setting meeting agenda
-Choosing meeting facilitators
-Calling emergency meetings
-Making emergency financial decisions up to $100
-Responsible for website and email communications
-Bring campaign proposals to general membership for voting, with the general membership open to suggesting other ideas.
-Send meeting agenda to general membership prior to meetings by email and snail mail to those without emails
-All decisions will be made of a Quorum of 3 of 5 members
The General Membership will each have a vote if attendance in meetings
At least one annual strategy session will be held following elections of steering committee members.
A separate fundraising committee will be formed at the next meeting.
The first year will be considered a trial year of the new structure with an evaluation held.
Committee members will be up for 1 year terms.

Anyone with nominations for the steering committee (including self-nomination) should send them to Margie N at mnelson4{at}css{dot}edu

The next NAWC meeting will be held January 9th at 2pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church.

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